Love is Here...


As my time winds down here at Mwana Villages, I am grateful to the kind souls that welcomed me through the doors with open arms. I don’t speak the language, but our hearts speak the same love: God’s Love. Spending time engrained in Congolese culture and rooted in service has been an amazing experience.

I am struck by the team at Mwana who are willing to put the community that they love first. Each had a story of how they arrived at Mwana to work—some by desperate circumstances, some not. Some started in the kitchen and some through connections. But they all share the same goal: to share God’s love with the orphans and neighbors for whom the doors open daily. They are following God’s calling to care for the ones that need them. The Mamas and Papas at Mwana sing and praise; they pray; they feed; they nurture each child by name... all of God’s children in which they have been entrusted. There is so much work done daily by the Mwana team to care for children well. But in the end the greatest of these is love.

Love is here in this place. Love for the children and for each other. Love for their community and Congo and Africa as a whole.

—Jackie Maddox

Wellon Bridgers