learn. advocate. transform.

Mwana Villages believes that a holistic model of ethical orphan care can transform some of the world's most vulnerable. We invite you to be learners and to become advocates for the vulnerable and thus participate in important transformative work.


"Dignity of the Marginalized" 

"My time with an ethical orphanage" 

"Beauty. Resilience. Poverty. Marginalization"

“Healthcare and the Orphan Crisis”

Questions for orphan care organizations

Questions for adoption agencies


The Bridgers' Journey through an Unethical Adoption 

Caring for Birth Families

Mwana Adoptive Mamas

Holistic Orphan Care and Mwana’s Model


"Orphan Care and the Christian Response"

"The 'Un-Ethics' of International Adoption"

"Give Refuge Campaign: A closer glimpse at the orphan crisis and a journey through a few months at the Mwana Refuge"

“Africa Calls Me” a chapter from On the Move