“After my father died, I was sent to live with my grandfather and aunt. I was worked hard and abused, forced to be with men and to give everything I earned back to my family. I saw Mwana Villages, took some of my clothes and came. I was afraid to explain it all to them. What if they refused me? But they comforted me. They prayed with me. And I say thank you…because without Mwana Villages I don’t know what I would have become.”

Sahara came to Mwana Villages scared and desperate: she had just learned she was pregnant and was planning to abandon her baby. Mwana cared for her and showed her new hope. She is now the proud mother of beautiful Madie Jeancia, has been trained and supported as a caregiver at Mwana and has recently returned to complete her schooling. Sahara’s story is one of an orphan prevented and the generational orphan cycle broken.