Finding Healing...


My anticipation has actualized. I have now walked the soil of Congo and spent hours at Mwana Villages with some of the sweetest souls that I have ever met. I have watched mamas and papas at Mwana care for the littles and bigs with conviction. Two of our team members here, Jean & Madie (husband and wife) have exemplified strength and grace that can only come from our God, who promises to always be enough. They live among pain yet walk in joy and lead with such humility. It is an amazingly beautiful sight.
As I have listened to stories of trauma that no heart deserves to endure, I am certain that God sees, hears, and cares. I know this because He has provided an answer through Mwana. Each heart wrenching experience is so different from the next but a common thread does exist. It is people like these two that have been the caretakers for the broken in spirit, advocates for those that cannot speak for themselves, truth-tellers to those vulnerable to lies, and the bright light of Jesus that no-one can deny.
What a gift to see this love with my own eyes. My heart truly has been changed forever. I will treasure this memory, letting it be a reminder that God’s unrelenting love will meet us wherever we are.

—Michelle Torbor

Wellon Bridgers