we believe in ETHICAL ORPHAN CARE.

Mwana Villages believes in ethical orphan care: this means that family preservation and reunification is always the priority. Most of the children in care at the Mwana Refuge have families alongside whom we are partnering to promote family preservation and reunification. Only when family reunification is not possible or safe, we seek loving adoptive families for the children in need.


For those children who are in need of a forever family through adoption, our leadership team takes the process of adoptive family selection very seriously. Children have been entrusted to our organization’s care, and as their legal guardians, we believe it is both a solemn responsibility and humbling privilege to select adoptive families for these children.

Mwana Villages has been privileged to welcome and unite adoptive families from Congo, France and the United States. We are committed to the highest standards of transparent, ethical adoption. Our adoptive families become lifelong advocates and partners in ministry because they are individuals who believe that adoption is not simply about adding a child to one’s family; it is a call to partake in one small aspect of the bigger picture: empowering the vulnerable.

If you are interested in learning more or expressing an interest in adopting from Mwana Villages, please read carefully:

  • Mwana Villages ALWAYS considers the needs of the child as the first priority. Therefore, we only consider prospective adoptive families on an as-needed basis in consideration of the best interest of the child.
  • Children considered for adoption must be legally eligible for adoption; eligibility requirements are in compliance with the Congolese Law as delineated in the Family Code.
  • Mwana Villages maintains a formal application and review process for ALL applicants. No applicant will be accepted as an adoptive family outside of this extensive vetting process.
  • Unlike most orphanages, Mwana Villages DOES NOT financially benefit from any adoptions. We have no "humanitarian fee" or monthly care for children in process. 
  • Mwana Villages receives far more inquiries than children in need of families. We do not have a waiting list of adoptive families or of children.
  • Submitting a Prospective Adoptive Family Questionnaire does NOT guarantee an acceptance or approval to adopt from Mwana.
  • Mwana Villages is not an adoption agency. All prospective adoptive families must be fully approved by the state and national laws and stipulations of their respective country.
  • For married couples, Congo accepts only couples who have been married more than 5 years and with at least one spouse over 30 years old. Single adoptees must be over 35 years old. Couples must satisfy any and all requirements of Congolese law.