November 2017 trip reflection

Upon reflecting on my time in Congo, I am eager to share my experience with our global network of supporters.

I visited our Baby Home with Mwana's Founder Cheryl Walker Laki-Laka, a perfect companion to guide me through new, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes tear-jerk moments spending time with our littles, bigs, and mamas (not sure who they are? click here).  I have already spent some time writing about that side of my trip, so what really presses on my heart to share here is the impact of Mwana Villages in Pointe Noire and beyond that I witnessed firsthand.

After volunteering with Mwana for 7 years, I finally met our precious Congolese family - a beautiful, growing group of people who have found refuge in the midst of challenging or critical times in each of their lives. Mwana has given them a place to heal, to find their voice and build new relationships in a safe place. While some rely on us for temporary resources to get back on their feet or be reunited to their own families, others need a more permanent place to call home. Each day in Congo I was moved to see the sustainable impact we continue to make in the community.

While it's not easy to capture everything in a blog post, I do hope this glimpse of our time in Congo encourages and inspires. Thank you for walking alongside us in our pursuit to provide hope and a future to vulnerable women and children of Africa.  :)
- Corina