there is a story of a mother who struggled. Perhaps it is a woman who had no choice but to relinquish or abandon her child; perhaps she was an orphan herself and had become hardened from the difficulty of life. The orphan crisis will continue indefinitely if mothers do not move from a place of vulnerability to a place of stability. 

Yet, we often see that the lowest points of the mamas’ stories are just the beginning of new hope. Practical assistance in basic necessities, alongside support toward dignifying work such as seed grants for start-up businesses or professional training programs, allow these women to provide for themselves and their families with renewed hope.

Caring for birth families addresses the root causes and underlying complexities of the orphan crisis.

Orphan prevention. Family preservation. empowering women. It all starts here.

“It has to be an unwavering commitment, that whenever appropriate or possible, we seek to reunify these kids with their families.”