Henriette was imprisoned because her husband could not repay a land debt. She left behind five children, the youngest being just two months old. The whole time she was imprisoned, she could only wonder what had become of her daughter. So when Henriette was released from prison, she cried tears of joy to see how well cared for Celia had been in the Mwana Refuge. She said that she knew that God existed because of this miracle for her daughter.

After she was released from prison, her husband had abandoned his entire family. Determined to be able to provide for herself and her children, Henriette and her children worked together to sell various items outside their home. Mwana provides micro-loans, business training and healthcare for the family so they can move toward a more stable future.

Henriette's daughter Celia reunified with her mother and siblings and keeps in regular contact with the Mwana family. If you are interested in sponsoring Celia and her family, or another family in our community, we invite you to join hands as a sponsor.